Sunday sessions

I found a few waves at the weekend. A little bumpy and certainly not as clean as you might imagine from the pictures, but nice to get in the water nonetheless. An ongoing shoulder issue means using the "big" camera is out of the question at the moment so these were shot on a go pro.

Porthleven at last!

I've previously posted here about having never surfed Porthleven. I'm stoked that I finally put that right this week. It was pretty small but was clean and fun with only a handful of people out. Having got a feel for it I'm definitely keen to come back and shoot some photos when it's got a bit of size to it... These photos aren't from Porthleven, I shot them with a Go Pro on a family trip to a little cove on The Lizard later that day.

Church Cove LR (1 of 6).jpg
Church Cove LR (2 of 6).jpg
Church Cove LR (5 of 6).jpg
Church Cove2 LR (1 of 1).jpg