South Devon Snorkelling

This was my second attempt at taking underwater pictures of the seals at this South Devon spot. We did have the pleasure of seeing, and swimming relatively near to the seals. They are naturally inquisitive and will almost always come to check you out whilst keeping what they feel is a safe distance away. Unfortunately, the water had a bit of chop on it that meant underwater visibility wasn't quite what we were hoping for... So no seals photos this time, but a fun afternoon in a beautiful bit of the world, with a few souvenir photos as a bonus... 

Photo geek stuff: Canon 7Dmk2, Canon 17-40mm at 40mm, Aquatech Water Housing

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Start Point LR (6 of 6).jpg

Custom orders

This is an example of the type of custom order we can arrange. A lovely customer got in touch saying they liked this image from our Blog. They let us know the size they wanted, and specified a light coloured or white frame. This arrived today and was dropped off to them. We hope that they are very happy with the results.

Please get in touch via the contact tab if there is anything you would like and we can let you know about prices etc.

Sandeel print LR.jpg

BMX - Ashburton Skatepark

For many years BMX was a big part of my life. It's a brilliant sport/lifestyle that gave me so much enjoyment and so many of my friends. These days I don't ride very often, although I dabble occasionally. This a pic of an old friend, Tim from The Boarding House who has been a mainstay of the Devon BMX scene for longer than either of us would probably care to remember - still got it! 

Camera geek stuff: Go Pro 4 in 10 FPS burst mode

Tim LR (1 of 2).jpg

Kayaking in Torquay

I've had very little picture taking opportunities this week... But I did grab a couple of Go Pro pics whilst kayaking in Torquay on Wednesday evening. It was choppier than expected with a heavy shower at the end, but still good to get on the water.

TQ kyk LR (1 of 2).jpg

Bank Holiday Monday

Blazing sunshine on a Bank Holiday Monday; what are the chances :)

Teignmouth was glorious first thing this morning before the tourist hoards descended. Great to get the proper camera back in the water for the first time in a couple of weeks....

Camera geek stuff: Canon 7Dmk2, Canon 17-40mm & Aquatech waterhousing

Wave LR.jpg
Groin LR.jpg
B&W Wave LR.jpg
Sandeel LR.jpg