The view from Woolston Hill Fort, Teign Valley, Dartmoor

I went to Woolston Hill Fort with the intention of taking a picture of autumnal trees… It didn’t quite go to plan as the tress were all pretty green and there was a big bank of cloud over the moor blocking the evening light. This picture was grabbed as I was walking down the path to the hill fort. The light turned on for literally a minute and the was gone and didn’t come back. A worthwhile trip even if the subsequent hour was wasted!

Photo geek stuff: Canon 7Dmk2 & Canon 70-200mm f4

Teign Valley LR.jpg

North Cornwall

I was in North Cornwall for a trip to the Cruel & Curious show at Stowe Barton; which was good. Afterwards I had a quick trip to one of the local beaches. Despite a pretty dire looking surf report there were still a few waves coming through and the summer crowds appear to have receded :)

Duckpool LR (4 of 9).jpg
Duckpool LR (9 of 9).jpg
Duckpool LR (8 of 9).jpg
Duckpool LR (2 of 9).jpg
Duckpool LR (3 of 9).jpg
Duckpool LR (6 of 9).jpg

Beer, South Devon

We walked a bit of the Coast Path from Beer to Branscombe and back today, a lovely bit of coastline. I shot this on the beach at Beer. It’s a little different to the stuff I normally photograph but I kinda like it :)

Photo geek stuff: Canon 7Dmk2, 24mm pancake lens

Sunday sessions

I found a few waves at the weekend. A little bumpy and certainly not as clean as you might imagine from the pictures, but nice to get in the water nonetheless. An ongoing shoulder issue means using the "big" camera is out of the question at the moment so these were shot on a go pro.